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Current Markets with Dr. Elder

You are invited to a private Internet class. Come into Dr. Elder's trading room where he analyzes current markets - indexes, stocks and futures. Watch him go through his decision-making process, ask him questions, bring up your favorite stocks or watch the stock picks of other group members. Become a better trader by learning from a professional trader.

Our technology allows you to see everything on Dr. Elder's computer screen and hear what he says. There is nothing to download - all you need is an Internet connection and our password. We limit the number of traders in our group, allowing you to receive individual attention.

Each monthly webinar consists of two evening sessions, one week apart. Each session is scheduled to last an hour but often continues longer, especially if Dr. Elder likes the questions from the group. This format encourages you to study and follow up on Dr. Elder's ideas from one week to the next. Whether you bring up your own stock or watch others, you will receive unique practical insight into how a professional trader analyzes markets and makes decisions.

Invest in your growth and development as a trader. To see more information, please go to and click on Webinar. To register or to ask any questions, please email our manager Inna Feldman at or call her at 800.458.0939 (+1.718.507.1033)